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Sacramento is the capital of the state of California, although the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco are significantly larger. The city was officially founded in 1849 by John Sutter who had previously founded Nueva Helvetia and Sutter fortress as part of the former Mexican state of Alta California.

The city is located in a large, flat valley in Northern California that bears the name of the Central Valley. The city is also the administrative center for Sacramento County. While the city has about 500 000 inhabitants, Sacramento County approximately 1.4 million inhabitants. Sacramento is the sixth largest city in California and the thirty-fifth largest city in the United States.

Sacramento was founded in 1848 by John Sutter named Sutter's Fort. In the early 1800s, the Spanish explorer Gabriel Moraga discovered and named set Sacramento Valley and the Sacramento River, where he used the Spanish sacrament.

In 1848 it was discovered gold in the area, leading to a substantial inflow. John Sutter's son, John Sutter Jr.., Decided to change the city name to Sacramento, after the river that passed the city. John Sutter Jr.. also hired an engineer to urban planning. Sacramento is the oldest incorporated city in the state of California, and it was in 1854 when law passed that the city would be the state capital.

The rivers around the city contributed to the increased prosperity of the city as it appeared as a transport for trade and agriculture. Several of the city's own building projects were financed through tax collection for traffic on the river.

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