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Bad Birnbach is a small market town in the Rottal-Inn district of Bavaria, Germany. Bad Birnbach is 20 km west of Pocking, 27 km south of Vilshofen and 43 km from Passau. Bad Birnbach, together with Bad Fussing and Bad Griesbach, is called the Lower Bavarian spa triangle.

Tourism is very important for Bad Birnbach and the therapy center Rottal Terme Bad Birnbach is officially recognized as a healing source.

Bad Birnbach offers many leisure facilities such as tennis courts and halls, football pitches, great hiking terrain, skating, miniature golf, archery and the Bella Vista Bad Birnbach Golf Park.

Attractions include the late Gothic parish church, the Hansl-Huber Fountain, the Marie Chapel and the Artrium, which is the cultural meeting place in Bad Birnbach.
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