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Friendship Islands offers many vacation experiences. Below the surface houses the morays and other fish in thousands of colors. The turquoise blue Pacific Ocean and the small coral islands takes my breath away, as sansepirrende orgy of sound impressions and designs that are too beautiful to be captured on a postcard. A trip to Mariner's Cave is a must: the sound of a whale that obscures the boat's engine, the sight of a hvalku with calf and further out sperm whales and killer whales.

Tonga lies south of Samoa and east of Fiji consists of 169 islands of volcanic and coral origin. Of these 36 islands are inhabited. Archipelago is also called Friendship Islands, as the British explorer James Cook baptizing them in 1773. They are divided into three main groups: Tongatapu Nuku'alofa the capital of the south, where over half of the population lives, Ha'apai in the central part and Vava'u in the north. Tonga is the only monarchy in the Pacific, and one had kings in the 1000 years that have passed since the country was settled by immigrants from Samoa. However, one has, as neighboring countries in the Pacific, perceived to be subject to colonial powers for centuries and Tonga were initially independent from Britain in 1970.

Besides the unique opportunity to dive in coral reefs and experience the hump whales at close range outside the Vava'u Islands, there is good reason to holiday at the volcano on tofu in Ha'apai archipelago. Tofu volcano is the most active volcano in Tonga, it is surrounded by a virgin rainforest, and the crater is a sea and looking up at one that a moist eye. The nearby island of Kao houses Tonga's highest peak at just over 1100 feet, and it was beyond these two islands mate Fletcher Christian and the crew on board HMS "Bounty" committed the famous mutiny by setting Captain William Bligh and his supporters out in an open dinghy. Not quite so dramatic - but still very lively - it goes for at Talamahu market in Nuku'alofa, where one can enjoy and acquire beautiful preparations crafts, experience the local shop and pour in the coconut milk from the open stalls. Besides coconut palms are grown in Tonga bananas in great style, and both parts are included in a variety of comfort food kingdom.
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  #1  Nuku'alofa

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