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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, usually shortened to the United Kingdom, informally also referred to as UK, is a constitutional monarchy comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

UK makes up most of the British Isles archipelago located off the northwestern coast of continental Europe.

Britain was originally inhabited by Celtic tribes. In the 5th century, the British Isles invaded by Germanic tribes, primarily the Angles and Saxons from northern Germany today, but also Jutes from Denmark today. These Germanic tribes formed the basis for the English nation, and brought with them their old Saxon language that evolved into today's English. In 1066 the Anglo-Saxons replaced by the Scandinavian Normans as the ruling class, by William the Conqueror's conquest of England. Eventually, the Anglo-Saxons and Normans fused together into one people.

In the 1800s, Britain was the dominant commercial and naval power in the world with an empire that stretched over a third of the globe. Among other things, India, Canada, Australia and large parts of East Africa under the British crown. As a result, the British monarch still head of state in many previous colonies.
Popular Destinations

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  #7  Channel Islands
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  #13  Hebrides
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  #15  Brighton
  #16  Bradford

  #17  St Peter Port
  #18  Dundee

  #19  Kirkwall
  #20  Gloucester

  #21  Coventry
  #22  Belfast

  #23  Salfords
  #24  Glasgow

  #25  Oxford
  #26  Bournemouth

  #27  Alexandria
  #28  Saint Brélade

  #29  Bristol
  #30  Newcastle

  #31  York
  #32  Torquay

  #33  Newquay
  #34  Windsor

  #35  Shedfield
  #36  Leicester

  #37  Saint Helier
  #38  Aviemore

  #39  Southampton
  #40  Blackpool

  #42  Scalloway

  #43  Yatton
  #44  Abbot 's Salford

  #45  Lerwick
  #46  Derby

  #47  Nottingham
  #48  Gateshead

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Popular attractions

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