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Gambia is a republic in West Africa and is the smallest state on the African continent. Aside from a 48 km long coastline facing the Atlantic Gambia is completely surrounded by the state of Senegal. The country is hit about 45 km at its widest, and follows the Gambia river some 470 km inland.

The capital Banjul is located at the mouth of the Gambia River.
The landscape consists of savannas with huge mango trees that break plains.

The Gambia is tropical monsum climate with long dry and rainy season which usually lasts from May / June to August / September.

In the rainy season the rain can fall sharply in duration from 30 minutes to 3-4 hours. The rain comes time for the afternoon and evening, and notified by lightning and thunder. The wind can be up in the storm and hurricane force. Buildings, boats and crops are often turned down by the storm.
The roads are converted to trails and waterfalls. As soon as the storm comes, it stops. The drying period is from Sept - Feb. The temperature is pleasant, the average of 20 and humidity around 50-60%. Precipitation rates are highest at the coast at Kombo and lowest at inland Christ Kunda and Sutukobas.

Temperatures on the coast varies between 23 ° in Dec / January is the coolest time, and up to 27 ° in the hottest months. The differences between day and night temperatures are enormous. There may be 7.8 degrees at night and 38 -40 degrees during the day.

The tourist season is from September to mid-April. The sun rises 7 - 7:30 and sets 12 hours later. The transition from day to night is abrupt. It is almost dusk as we are used to. There are many Norwegians who have been surprised by the evening darkness.

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