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South America is the southern of the two continents that make up the American continent. The area stretching around 7600 km, from about 12 ° north of the equator to over 55 ° south of him, next to Antarctica. Coast meets the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The landscape is dominated by the towering Andes mountains in the west and the Amazon River, fertile land and tropical rainforest in the east. Geology is South America a separate continent, in that it only struck North America fairly recently. Many North Americans consider it also as a separate continent.

The indigenous peoples of South America came from the north, after having gone over land bridge in the Bering Strait and migrated southward. They may also have met the Pacific people who had traveled across the ocean. The area was invaded by Europeans from the 1530s, and the first Spaniard since portugisarar. It was divided into colonies, which were granted independence in the 1800s.
Popular Destinations

  #1  Buenos Aires
  #2  Santiago

  #3  La Paz
  #4  Rio de Janeiro

  #5  São Paulo
  #6  Arica

  #7  Mar del Plata

  #9  Río Gallegos
  #10  Brasília

  #11  Manaus
  #12  Puerto Montt

  #13  Santa Fe

  #15  El Calafate
  #16  Resistencia

  #17  Antofagasta
  #18  Temuco

  #19  Rawson
  #20  Coyhaique

  #21  Copiapó
  #22  Rancagua

  #23  Punta Arenas
  #24  Valparaíso

  #25  Iquique
  #26  Concepción

  #27  Fuerte Olimpo
  #28  Talca

  #31  Ciudad del Este
  #32  Huancayo

  #33  Ica
  #34  Arequipa

  #35  Iquitos
  #36  Cajamarca

  #37  Puerto Maldonado
  #38  Tumbes

  #39  Cusco
  #40  Chachapoyas

  #41  Ayacucho
  #42  Huaraz

  #43  Puno
  #44  Cerro de Pasco

  #45  Trujillo
  #46  Chiclayo

  #47  Tacna

Popular Hotels

  #1 Sarmiento Suites
  #2 Windsor Plaza Brasili...
  #3 Sheraton Mar Del Plat...
  #4 Hotel Eldorado
  #5 Hotel La Paz
  #6 Costa Galana

Popular attractions

  #1 Machu Picchu

  #2 Corcovado

  #3 Copacabana

  #4 Ipanema

  #5 Chilean National Zoo

  #6 Pirámide de Mayo

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