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The main street is a broad boulevard called Canebière. It's the old reppergaten and the word is related to cannabis when rope was made from hemp. It stretches eastward from the Old Port, Vieux Port, the reform quarters.

The main street for shopping and shopping Centre Bourse Canebière crosses Rue St. Ferréol. North of Vieu Port is the new commercial port, located east of this gentrifierade areas built in the old port warehouse. South of the Vieux Port is located in the hills seventh arrondissement, dominated by the church of Notre - Dame de - la-Garde and further south Borély Park.

Marseille is surrounded by densely populated areas with miljøprogramhus. Entrance to the Vieux Port is flanked by two rapid Saint-Nicolas on the south and Saint-Jean on the north. Farther out in the Gulf of Marseilles Frioulögruppen consists of four islands. One of these is fängelseön Isle d'If, the castle is Chateau d'If.

Marseille has a Mediterranean climate, with mild wet winters and hot dry summers. It is coldest in January and February with average temperature of 8-9 ° C. July and August are the warmest, and when an average temperature around 30 ° C. Marseille, like the rest of Provence, known for its Mistral wind built up in the Rhone Valley. There is a strong wind going down cold air from the Alps. It is most common in winter and spring. Less common is the Sirocco wind, a hot wind from the Sahara Desert as it also brings with it sand.
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